3 Important Things Moving Out Taught Me

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Are you present today?

Hola, hola! I’m happy to be bringing some #MondayMotivation feels to this post! Continue reading “Are you present today?”

Invest in You

I love learning, it’s the gateway to so many things. Whether you just do it for fun or you do it to become more knowledgeable in a certain field, the learning process can be so exciting. I don’t believe that people should be complacent in having expertise in one subject or skill so I see learning as an investment, even if in the process you didn’t realize it is. Continue reading “Invest in You”

365 Days to be Thankful

I love the holidays. From the decor to the excitement of being surrounded by friends & family. I find it so heartwarming to think how each family has its own traditions for the holidays & how meaningful they are to each & their culture. What I love the most is how there is a shared feeling of families coming together all around & a sense of gratitude. Continue reading “365 Days to be Thankful”

Really, treat yoself

Do you ever find yourself waiting for some special occasion to finally do something you’ve been wanting to do or to buy something for yourself that you’ve really wanted? Because otherwise you just can’t seem to reason why you deserve it? If this sounds even just a little bit like you, then I have a proposition for you. Continue reading “Really, treat yoself”