Makeup Brush Cleaning Duo Kit

Guess what I’ve got for you lovelies?! Another great Amazon find! If you’ve been struggling to find an effective way to really clean your brushes, I’ve got a life-saving product for you. Plus it’s really cute. Continue reading “Makeup Brush Cleaning Duo Kit”


Resist the Petty

Do you remember a time when someone/something upset you and you just shrugged it off nonchalantly? No? Me either, but I’ve been working on it. Continue reading “Resist the Petty”

Simple DIY Hot Chocolate Jar

This is for all my procrastinators out there. It’s Christmas Eve day, are you still struggling to finish gathering gifts for all your friends, family, & acquaintances? I have a very simple & easy DIY for you that’ll be not only thoughtful but also delicious. Continue reading “Simple DIY Hot Chocolate Jar”

365 Days to be Thankful

I love the holidays. From the decor to the excitement of being surrounded by friends & family. I find it so heartwarming to think how each family has its own traditions for the holidays & how meaningful they are to each & their culture. What I love the most is how there is a shared feeling of families coming together all around & a sense of gratitude. Continue reading “365 Days to be Thankful”

Quality Makeup Brushes Under $10

I love the creativity that makeup allows and the fact that your face is an open canvas to try anything. What I don’t love is that trying to own quality beauty products can be sooo expensive. When you’re an occasional makeup user like myself, spending tons of money on beauty products just doesn’t make any sense. Continue reading “Quality Makeup Brushes Under $10”

Really, treat yoself

Do you ever find yourself waiting for some special occasion to finally do something you’ve been wanting to do or to buy something for yourself that you’ve really wanted? Because otherwise you just can’t seem to reason why you deserve it? If this sounds even just a little bit like you, then I have a proposition for you. Continue reading “Really, treat yoself”