Hola hola welcome to Melon Tinto!

unnamed (3)I’m Yesenia a young Mexicana Americana aspiring to create balance & positivity in every chapter of life. As a Latina in America, sometimes it can feel like I’m being pulled in many directions so finding ways to maintain balance within myself is super important. Between trying to figure out how the postgrad life works and what adulting is really about, all while trying to stay positive can prove to be just a tiny bit challenging. Challenging, but not impossible. In the midst of all that craziness, I believe that sharing our own positive energy with others is equally important as finding it ourselves.

I am a lover of all things that can serve as creative outlets and that bring joy to mi corazoncito. I created this space for the purpose of sharing my love for food, fashion, art, fitness…& anything else that helps me stay positive & inspired. I believe that all of these things are not just great means for expressing yourself, but are also amazing ways to create balance in your life every day. By sharing a piece of me with you, my hope is to inspire you to feel inspired by life. To inspire thinking & feeling fearless, and to encourage you to believe that life is yours. Because life happens now! So thank you for visiting my little space of positive creation.

Melon Tinto? Que? What does it mean?

Melon: short for Melonhead, my boyfriend’s nickname for me because apparently I have a big head. Debatable.

Tinto: an adjective for “rojo” the color red in Spanish. Aka my favorite color.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. From the first time I met you, I felt your positive energy. You’re very caring & affirming person. Stay true to you! Keep exploring all of the wonderful possibilities.

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