Stop Letting Fear Hold You Back

Do you ever get that curious feeling about what could happen if you pursued a dream that scares you? Like, what if you start that blog about your fitness journey to keep yourself motivated & accountable? What if you finally sign up for those salsa dance classes you’ve always wanted to try?

You want to try new things, but maybe you’re intimidated by what the result could be. Yet, no matter how much it scares you, it’s always in the back of your mind to go for it. So do it, go for it. The worst that can happen is you’ll realize you aren’t that into it after all.

It’s important to pursue those little things that you always wonder “what if” about. The journey of pursuing even the smallest of tasks can be so impactful on your life. It’s refreshing to try new things regardless of whether you think you’ll be “good” at it or not. When you step out of your comfort zone & embark on a journey of learning something new, you are helping yourself build confidence.

For me, finding new ways to engage in creative expression has always been very important & still is. Using different types of creative outlets allows me to express my thoughts, what I value & who I am.

Since my childhood, I’ve entered a few different types of contests to showcase my work. The most memorable of them was my senior year of college. My university holds an annual fashion show to educate & raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Organizations on campus are able to submit designs for a garment made from condoms to showcase during the fashion show. Yeah, you read that right, c-o-n-d-o-m-s.


Despite how challenging I knew it would be to create a wearable piece made from condoms, I decided f*ck it why not. I had always wanted to give designing clothes a go so what better chance right?

After hours and days of hard work and stressing about finishing it on time, I created a dress that looked better than I could have imagined. There is no greater satisfaction to me than being able to turn a vision into something real. Honestly, regardless of what other people may think of my work, I find pride and joy in just creating because I think it’s amazing how an idea can come to life when you dedicate yourself to your craft.


In the end, all those fears about whether or not I should put myself out there like that & whether my design would be “good” were so small in comparison to the happiness I felt in actually believing in myself. All those hours of dedication & stress to turn my vision into the best piece it could be, paid off.

Through the contest, I was able to raise $500 for my sorority by coming in second place out of six designs! It was just a happy moment for me to see that taking a chance to try something out of my comfort zone could be a good thing. Plus, it was such a cool experience to see the creativity & the message behind other organizations designs too.



My purpose for sharing my story with you is to encourage you to pursue even the smallest of dreams. Fear can either be a wall you build & don’t try to push through or it can be the momentum you need to create a positive experience in your life. Even trying something you’re not automatically good at is a positive learning experience.


So start that adventure you’ve been thinking about. Go for it, you got it.




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