7 Influencers You Need to Follow

Hi lovely people. Today I’m bringing you a roundup of my favorite influencers across all social media platforms. All of these women share similar characteristics: they are true to themselves, they are creative, and they all stand for something.

I love coming across people, especially women, who are inspiring and unapologetically themselves. People who aren’t trying to be someone they aren’t, they are who they are and you can accept it or not.

What I love most about these women is the way they share their experiences, with openness and unafraid to show that sometimes they struggle too. They are real and they are inspiring. So, let’s get into who they are (they’re in no particular order).

1) Monica Style Muse


Photo @ monicastylemuse

Monica is an Afro-Latina (Dominican) from NY. Her style is fire (yes, like flames emoji fire) and her personality has so much energy! You can check her out on IG at monicastylemuse & YouTube at MonicaStyle Muse.

2) Nanys Klozet


Photo @ nany

Daniela has a girly yet edgy style to her look and she shares her content in both English and Spanish for her readers. You can keep up with her on IG at nany or her blog site nanysklozet.com.

3) Ms. Packyetti


Photo @ mspackyetti

Brittany is an activist, a writer, and an educator. I love how she brings social awareness to topics she’s passionate about. Her passion for education is inspiring. Check her out on IG at mspackyetti.

4) Harmonicurls


Photo @ harmonicurls

Mairaly is another Afro Latina (Dominican) influencer not only bringing boho style vibes to her platform, but also bringing awareness to world events that she feels strongly about. You can find her on YouTube at harmonicurls and IG at harmonicurls.

5) DulceCandy


Photo @ dulcecandy

Dulce has a sweet vibe to her all around. Her style is always very on trend and feminine. Check her out on YouTube at DulceCandy87 and IG at dulcecandy.

6) The Esperanza Maria


Photo @ theesperanzamaria

Another woman of color who not only serves fire looks, but has a social stance to empower herself and other women. I admire how true she is to herself and what she stands for. Check her IG at theesperanzamaria or her blog site at thesunflowerexperience.co.

7) Blake Von D


Photo @ blakevond

Blake has an edgy-chic sense of style that I love. She always looks so put together and let me just say she is hilarious too. You can find her on IG at blakevond or her blog site blakevond.com.

All these ladies are fierce and inspirational in their own way. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

Who are your favorite bloggers & influencers?

Gracias por leer!




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