Are you present today?

Hola, hola! I’m happy to be bringing some #MondayMotivation feels to this post!

So, long long ago a friend of mine recommended a book to me (which I’ll share later in the post), and just recently in the last month or so I finally started reading it. It has been a slow journey in getting through the book, but it’s been enjoyable. I feel like reading it at a slower pace allows you to really let each piece of the author’s message sink in. This book has definitely influenced my thoughts and feelings of life to evolve to a more inquisitive state.

This is kind of where my thoughts are at the moment:

Through reading this book, I’ve realized that a lot of what we do in life involves a “means to an end” pattern. Where almost everything we do revolves around trying to get to a different stage in life, a stage where we’ve imagined we’d rather be. A stage where the future you is happy and satisfied, because of having more money, more status, more success or whatever it may be that you place importance on. Regardless of what it is future you is happy about, the present you isn’t happy or satisfied because the focus is on where you’d rather be.

I think it’s important to realize that living involves more than going through the “means to an end” motions. That to me is no way to live, just moving through time hoping to be somewhere else or at a different stage in life. The past already happened, so can’t change that and the future could be anything… The idea that stuck with me the most so far from what I’ve read is that there is no such thing as the future really. You really only have the now. All we’ve got is now. So what are you doing right now? Fantasizing about the future or enjoying today for what it is?

The means to an end way of life is like trying to play catch up, in my opinion. But we’re trying to catch up to something that doesn’t even exist. We don’t even really know who or what exactly we’re trying to catch up to. And we often forgetΒ the fact that there are many variables outside of ourselves that also play a role in our journey. Yet we’re just going, going, going after something that we feel so distant from, but we feel like we should have already been there. We chase the future with goals we set for ourselves but don’t take the time to understand that we can only work on them in the present. We rarely take the time to enjoy the now part of the journey.

So we chase and tire ourselves out because we don’t even know how we’re behind. Constantly worrying about how to get there, how to catch up. All this time has passed by and sometimes we don’t even feel closer to catching up because we’ve created more things we think we need to do. Let’s be real, it is exhausting to always be thinking about the future. So why worry about moments that haven’t even happened? Is it a coping mechanism to keep us motivated in life?

All I know is that I’m tired, tired of placing so much importance on the future and doing things to get there. I want to enjoy today, every day. I want to be happy with what I do right now as I do it and enjoy what my life is right now as I live it. And maybe you feel the same. I say weΒ try to make a conscious effort to be more present now and enjoy this stage of our journey. Because can we really be happy in the future when we aren’t even happy with today?

So what do you think, yes to being more present?

The book I’m reading is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Check it out!

Buenas vibras,



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