Resist the Petty

Do you remember a time when someone/something upset you and you just shrugged it off nonchalantly? No? Me either, but I’ve been working on it.

I’m sure many of us have experienced moments where we are irked to a point of retaliation. Some people may call that petty, but maybe you’re just trying to make a point. Right? So ya know, you just plan how you’re going to show them not to mess with you or to stop messing with you. No big deal.


SN: If you’ve never experienced this urge, well props to you and your willpower. Your strength is admirable and you’re probably lying.

But, for my petty kings and queens, I’ve come up with some steps you can take to practice petty resistance.

Step 1: Stop. Take a deep breath, count to three, & just ignore the urge to act on your petty impulse. Try your best to suppress it.

Step 2: If suppressing the urge to be petty is too hard on you & your body, ask God (or whatever higher being you prefer) for strength.

Like really call on Him to liberate you from the urges to be petty. Ask Him for the strength to be not the bigger person, but a bigger person. I’m so serious.

Step 3: When avoiding the urge to be petty & asking God for strength have failed, it’s time to let it out. Voice your thoughts & feelings (when applicable).

By acting on your pettiness you are trying to send a message to the other person anyway. So be open and honest about what’s bothering you and why. And don’t be afraid to let them know it upset you to the point you were brewing up some petty plans. At least that way the person knows exactly what’s wrong and isn’t left in the dark guessing.

As someone who has practiced beingย petty, I can understand that resisting the urge to be petty can be difficult. Petty plans make us feel like we’re in control and will have the upper hand.


Like we’re teaching someone a lesson, when really talking about it would most likely be enough. Even when we know this, there’s still something thrilling about acting on your petty.


In reality, the only person we’re damaging is ourselves because half of the time the other person is clueless to what’s going on. Eventually, after a few petty-episodes, you end up discussing it anyway. So my dear petty friends, save yourself the stress by practicing one (or all) of the steps above. Don’t let your petty hold you back from growing as an individual. Let’s kick off this new year with this little push to be better.

*Steps 1 & 2 are most effective when dealing with strangers.*

Petty can have many meanings to different people so here are a couple of examples of what pettyย might lookย like.


On on a scale from 1-10 how petty are you?

*Photography credit// @wonderlassย // tumblr

Best wishes always,



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