Simple DIY Hot Chocolate Jar

This is for all my procrastinators out there. It’s Christmas Eve day, are you still struggling to finish gathering gifts for all your friends, family, & acquaintances? I have a very simple & easy DIY for you that’ll be not only thoughtful but also delicious. Continue reading “Simple DIY Hot Chocolate Jar”


Jugo Verde

I love, love juices and smoothies. They’re an easy way to get some nutritional value into your diet. Here’s a recipe for one of my favorites: jugoΒ verdeΒ (green juice). Continue reading “Jugo Verde”

365 Days to be Thankful

I love the holidays. From the decor to the excitement of being surrounded by friends & family. I find it so heartwarming to think how each family has its own traditions for the holidays & how meaningful they are to each & their culture. What I love the most is how there is a shared feeling of families coming together all around & a sense of gratitude. Continue reading “365 Days to be Thankful”