Why I Went Greek in Undergrad

As a disclaimer, this is not a “go greek” post.

I am not here to paint a picture of all the amazing reasons why someone should join a greek organization in college. Going greek can be a little overrated most of the time and it’s not the only way to get involved on your campus. BUT it can be a gateway to meeting people who will add to the joys of living that you maybe wouldn’t have met otherwise. Continue reading “Why I Went Greek in Undergrad”


Find your happy place.

When you’re feeling uninspired by your current situation…at work, at school, at home, internally, or in whatever aspect you are feeling drained; it’s so important that you don’t sulk in it. Believe me, if you think life is just dragging by now, it won’t make it any better to let those feelings nest in your mind or body. Continue reading “Find your happy place.”